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Wild Zebras in the Garden!

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This summer, have some fun! Go wild with bold animal prints on your outdoor sofabeds and chairbeds. Create the jungle look of your dreams. Make the safari happen in your garden or back yard or patio. This fabric is called Crazy Horse Licorice from Outdura, # 3973  and it comes in several colors!

A fountain for unwinding... water therapy

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My favorite place to just lean back is by the fountain. I've found that the continuous sound of water gurgling and splashing is one of the best resources for unwinding and letting go. And... I am just observing what has been known for centuries. Fountains are center pieces for small town squares, grand hotels and gardens ranging from the majestic and palatial to the city back yard. If it is at all possible... have a fountain for the summer.


We won't be at the Clinton Farmer's Market this year... but you can visit us in Richfield Springs!

Give us a call or email us to make an appointment to visit us in Richfield Springs. We'll show you our indoor and outdoor sofabeds and loungers and you can take your time and Just Lean Back for a while. You can see all the fabulous fabrics and try out the mattresses and cushions and see the different woods and finishes. This summer, we won't be on the Village Green in Clinton and we won't be participating in the Clinton Farmer's Market. We'll be right here, in Richfield Springs... just down a few scenic country roads. ScandiaLoveseatDaisy500


Outdoor Lounger Bed?? Napping Outside... how sweet

So... what if you could roll your exquisite, supremely comfortable full or queen size lounger bed from your den out on to the deck and sleep outside? Would that be sweet? Hear the birds chirping, the breeze rustling in the leaves, and feel the fresh summer air on your skin.  You could even keep it in the gazebo on rainy days... or every day.



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