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Lightweight and easy to transport

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I recently reached a point in my life where I felt I needed to downsize, and the LoungerBed I ordered from JustLeanBack helped me toward that goal. It's difficult to find furniture that is equally ergonomic, versatile, and easy to use, but the Nikita frame design from JustLeanBack pulls this off surprisingly well. I wanted something that could serve as upright seating, adjustable recliner, and bed and this does all of that with ease.Also, since the JustLeanBack furniture is easy to disassemble and light to carry, I won't need to sell it if I decide to move since it transports so easily. I have been using it as my bed for several weeks now and I see no reason to go back to my old bed now, so I may very well be streamlining my furniture even more!Thank you!http://dropleafmotif.com/

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